“Dr. Schreck is certified with the new trucker site and new rules for truckers and has lots of training on that! I get my DOT physical from Dr. Schreck!” –Trucker

“I have severe arthritis and with each treatment I feel like I can walk better.” -RB

“I do yoga and work two jobs. I noticed that my neck pain interfered with my life and activities. After suffering with this neck pain, I went to Dr. Jason Schreck and his staff. I no longer have the neck problems and pain. Thank you so much to the staff and Dr. Schreck.” -AG

“I drive semi-truck and I’m a big guy. For 30 plus years I have suffered with a zinger pain in my back on the right. I’m happy to report that after a series of adjustments from Dr. Schreck, the pain is finally gone. I’m so happy the irritating pain is done. No one has been able to get rid of it until Dr. Schreck.” -RH

“I started care with Dr. Jason and just feel more energy overall.” -AM

“I’m amazed that he knew what the problem was before I told him, I felt great after the adjustment, and I feel like I can breathe better.” -MH

“He told me nutrition is half the battle, I now take vitamins and minerals that he has and my skin and complexion are free of sores.” –AM

“He did traction on my neck because I have a disc bulge and the pain lets up with each adjustment. I don’t want surgery on my neck and so his clinic has been a big help for me.” -EW

“I go see Jason because I get back stiffness all over. After an adjustment I feel less stiff and my headaches are gone within the hour.” –CG

“Whenever I am in town I go see Dr. Schreck because he simply makes my neck feel not so tight, it’s easier to switch lanes when I drive home after his neck therapy.” –KR

“I drive truck and weigh 420lbs. Dr. Schreck had no problem popping my back. I felt great after the appointment. I also get my DOT medical card from him.” –AW

“I go see him because I just get really stressed out at home and need a second opinion from a licensed doctor. He is very understanding and gentle with his adjustments.” -EH

My treatment by Schreck Chiropractic has brought me relief from back pain that has been a problem for years. The doctor and staff are so friendly and courteous. I am very glad I have them to help me. I recommend them to everyone. – LB