Frequently Asked Questions

Drug tests are not required, but there is a urine sample at the time of physical. It’s to check for blood sugar levels and other health issues that may show up in urine samples.

There is only one kind of DOT physical. The DOT physical can be CDL or NON-CDL. CDL stands for Commercial Drivers License. DOT physicals require urine, blood pressure, eye, hearing and color blindness exams. All of this is checked by Dr. Schreck to make sure a person is safe to drive a commercial vehicle.

Our office is located at 6th and Washington and has a small parking lot in the back. Semi-truck parking is located on 6th St.

Cash, check and credit/debit cards.

New Patient DOT – $110

Returning Patient DOT – $90

Brand new chiropractic patient – $69 due at time of visit

Returning chiropractic patient – $45

School Physicals – $30 (students, usually in middle school or high school)

Drug testing: $25

BasicMed flight physical: $150

Other services have variable pricing. You will be provided a cost upon meeting with Dr. Schreck

Yes, we offer basic med flight physicals for $120 per physical.

Yes, for $15 each time. This is separate from any other testing or exam.

We also to breath alcohol testing for $35 per exam.

If you are only needing your card replaced and are not due for another physical, there is no charge. If you are due for a new physical, regular charges apply and a new card will be issued

No, not at Dr. Schreck’s office.

There are some insurance plans that are accepted based on your coverage. Please check your explanation of benefits or inquire to your insurance company before your visit.