Diversified Technique

Application of a low-amplitude, high-velocity thrust over restricted joints (one at a time) with the goal of restoring normal range of motion in the joint

Manual Therapy

A variety of hands-on soft tissue therapies to improve the function of the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joint capsules)

Anterior Adjusting

This adjustment occurs when force is applied to a joint in order to increase mobility and change the alignment of bones in the body

Extremity Adjusting

The practice of manipulating the joint of an extremity to instill motion within that joint


Department of Transportation employees whose jobs can impact both their own safety and the safety of the public are required to have a regular physical

Chiropractic care allows bodies to begin functioning at optimal levels.

Dr. Schreck uses several chiropractic techniques depending on the patient’s specific needs, including the diversified technique, manual therapy, anterior and extremity adjusting. Following a new patient thorough exam, Dr. Schreck will either adjust the patient or refer them to another medical professional to address a specific need. Dr. Schreck is board certified in Physiotherapy.

Are you a CDL Driver? Dr. Schreck also provides DOT physicals. The Department of Transportation requires certain drivers to have a DOT physical. New federal rules and regulations require drivers to be listed on the national registry, and Dr. Schreck provides a quality low-cost physical to screen for any unsafe driving conditions.

Certified by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association and Certified Training Solutions, Dr. Schreck can collect and examine patient specimens, including breath alcohol. He also provides school and sports physicals for Emmett and Gem Counties.

In addition, we now offer the FAA Basic Med flight physical for pilots. Schreck Chiropractic and Wellness accepts most insurances including Medicare and Medicaid.